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2500 fans cheering him on and ended up raising 7,000. did we mention he's a golden doodle? >> no accident you didn't mention that. >> did i read that right? is that a new type of dog? yes, a dog. a golden doodle. >> part golden retriever, part doodle. >> part poodle. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> ♪ would you call me superman if i'm alive and well will you be there to holding my hand i'll keep you by my side my super human might ♪ >> it's that band from mississippiment you know them as three doors down, they've had all kinds of platinum records and big time hits. they'll be performing live on our concert stage out on the plaza today. and of course, famous dave's cooking up barbecue all morning
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long so if you're in the neighborhood, stop by 48th and sixth avenue, not a free concert but free breakfast and you might meet clayton morris. >> if you're lucky. i won't make any promises. friends e-mailed me last night, three doors down, huge fans. >> that could be three drawers down baseed on that guy in the video. he was in his drawers. that's a wake-up call. that guy in his drawers as well as your headlines this morning. he didn't want to kill terrorists in afghanistan perhaps because he wanted to kill americans right here at home. awol soldier may have been inspired by al-qaida cleric copycat to the ft. hood massacre, they are checking into that following his arrest and confession that he wanted to, "get even" with the army allegedly plotting two attacks near the base. the suspected gunman in the original attack had direct contact with awlaki. yesterday, they announced they
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found jihadist literature in his hotel room. he made headlines in 2009 refusing to deploy to afghanistan. >> i don't want to get deployed because i believe i can't both deploy and be a muslim. >> abdo was facing court-martial on child pornography charges when he went awol from fort campbell, kentucky. they alerted police that he had been actly suspiciously. hasan bought weapons before his alleged shooting spree. they think he planned the attack alone and they're no longer in danger. >> we today would have been giving you a different briefing. >> the gun store clerk that tipped off police, former marine and police officer ebert, that guy there live will join us a few minutes from now. he's the guy responsible for turning him in. beach goers are enjoying the
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surf as don makes landfall in texas. it's expected to make landfall in corpus krsy area later tonight or tomorrow morning. they are welcoming this store with open arms. don is expected to bring much needed rain to that state. community out in force looking for a missing 11-year-old girl. she was reported missing from her northern new hampshire home tuesday morning. now, police are searching her computer looking for any kind of a clue. her family holds on to hope. >> once the word is out, the more of a chance of her coming home safe. if no other option at this point, she's going to be ok and we're going to find her. >> police say there's no sign a struckly or selena has ran away. they've alerted canadian authorities to keep an eye out for the young girl. chris christie back at work after a severe asthma attack had her rushed to the hospital. >> did a great job, ran whole battery tests on me, took a whole lot of blood.
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everything came back normal. it's been a long time, i think, since law school that i had to go to the hospital for my asthma. >> he admits his weight is affecting his breathing and says the lighter i am, the healthier i'll be. and those are your hid lineadli. >> they were supposed to vote at it at 6:00 last night, we're talking about the boehner deal moving through the house of representatives. by 10:30 last night, the majority whip kevin mccarthy, thank you very much, said you know what? we're not going to have the vote today and we apologize for the inconvenience. the trouble was they simply did not have enough tea party freshmen sign on, according to one of them, republican from south carolina who is actually on the leadership end of it. tim scott, he said we probably need three or four more votes to go before they can wind up with the majority and then send it to the senate where it will be doa. >> it seems like there's some confusion about how many votes they actually need if you read the front page of drudge this
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morning, it seems there may be 11 tea party votes floating out there. others say there may be a handful of them. a lot of eyes pointing to the south carolina delegation which went over to the chapel yesterday to pray on this vote and they were joking among themselves. they said the leadership must be saying, what's up with these guys from south carolina who are steadfastly saying salutedly no? -- absolutely no, we're not going to vote for this thing. >> the only thing that we can say this morning is we have no idea what's going to happen rather than why john boehner bring this to vote unless he knew he had the votes unless people at the last minute -- keep in mind, there's a flurry of e-mails all day yesterday from the political group coming out to all of us who work here at fox because there was everything changing at a moment's notice. a lot of people were going into the room with john boehner. no doubt he was trying to convince him to vote for this and some were saying this was the get your ass in line room. that's when he said to them the day before. a lot of people said we were
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pretty beaten up but we're still voting no on this thing. john boehner has said if you vote for this, it puts the president's seat to the fire. at least we've put something on the table and passed it in one chamber. >> everybody has their strategy. apparently what they're going to do, they're going to meet again this morning at 10:00 and apparently what boehner and company are doing is tweaking the bill and trying to make it more palatable to some of the tea party freshmen. they want some more. some of the tweaks being offered up, apparently more cuts to pell grants, undoing some of the defense cuts, and also reformulating the balanced budget amendment. however, both chambers say as soon as, for instance, in the senate, harry reid said as soon as the boehner bill comes here, it's dead on arrival. meanwhile in the house, they say if they send the reid bill over here, it's dead on arrival. here's the ying and yang of that. >> it will be defeated. they know that, the american
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people now should understand that clearly. no democrat will vote for short-term band-aid approach, it will put our economy at risk and put the nation back in an untenable situation that we are in today, just a few short months from now. >> when it comes back from senator reid, whatever he sends over, we expect to be doa in the house. >> according to the newspaper this morning, they're saying look, redistricting a big fear for them and tea party challenges. republicans are fearful they can get a tea party challenge when they're up for re-election. question of where the leadership from president obama is in all of this. house speaker -- >> where's he been? >> where's he been? he's been really quiet about all of this and he's sort of letting the house hash it out right now and the senate hash it out. senator lindsay graham, one of those senators who was criticized yesterday from south carolina because he's a senator. he came out publicly and opposed the g.o.p. house plan but he
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criticized the president. listen. >> i'm very upset with the democratic-run senate. we should be a body trying to f fix america's problems. why does it have to fall on john boehner's shoulders? >> he's been successful with that line. he's put his spokesperson out there every day and asked numerous times by the press corps, where's the president's plan on paper and he's been able to get away with saying he's given his plan but it's not on paper. >> republican talking point. >> that's right. that's what he said. >> no paper trail. don't put it down on paper. >> which we've been saying on this show for the last couple of weeks, that's the strategy, doesn't want to be held accountable for anything on paper. john mccain says president clinton was a better leader? >> he was much more engaged. i mean, he didn't give a lot of speeches, he gave some but he was totally engaged, if you remember, i mean, he was -- one thing about president clinton and i say this -- we disagreed
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on a lot of things. when he was in the room, he was the smartest guy in the room on that issue. >> so you've got praise there for bill clinton. keep in mind, folks, we wouldn't be to this stage had barack obama accepted -- remember last sunday night, we are told that apparently, the wisemen from congress had come together, both republicans and democrats and they had formulated a plan and harry reid said john boehner, i like that plan, i'm going to take it to the president. he took it to the president. the president looked at it and goes this is a short term deal. we'd have to vote on this again before my re-election campaign. absolutely not. go back. had the president accepted the deal on sunday, we would not be here. also, remember, the senate has on their table the cut, cap and balance so for people who say what? the house hasn't sent them anything, that's flat-out wrong. they have something to consider from the house. >> on the other side of this, the white house says speaker boehner a couple much weeks ago had an opportunity to accept their side of this thing and we're learning from our own ed henry at fox news that the president may be working behind
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the scenes on a potential plan c? which could be emerging? we hear about plan a. we hear about plan b. what is this mysterious plan c? it includes three things. the biggest sticking point is this trigger. not to get too far down in the weeds but this trigger option would basically set up a committee that would review all these debt things in the next couple of months and what actually -- they would actually go to work. actually do something about it. >> the problem is that people worry that committee would be just another commission that ends up spending a whole bunch of taxpayer money like the debt commission and then spend a whole bunch of taxpayer money and do nothing about it. that seems to be the trigger mechanism. but when you really look at the reid plan and the boehner plan, they both talk about cuts and both talk about no tax increases so there's some symbiosis there. they think getting through point one and point two is relatively easy. it's figuring out this trigger thing would be difficult.
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>> the republicans would like the individual mandate from the health care reform act to go out the window and the democrats would like if a certain amount is not reached, then the higher more prosperous, more successful americans, taxes would go up. hence, the peril. hence, the drama. >> hence the tylenol. and bring a glass of water with it! >> make sure it's the lower dose tylenol because they've changed all that now. >> get your pepcid a.c. >> let us know what you think about all of this. coming up on the show, he saw something and he actually said something about it. next on the rundown, an interview you do not want to miss. that gun shop owner who helped nab this awol soldier accused of plotting to murder americans. he's a hero this morning. >> we told you about the pilot that treaded water for nearly an entire day after his plane went down. this morning, we're hearing from him for the very first time. a story you got to hear on this friday, "fox & friends." they're two of a kd.
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>> welcome back. a deadly attack on the fort hood army base snuffed out thanks to the keen observation of our next guest. greg ebert is an employee at guns galore in can i lean, texas, where awol army fighter bought a clip and gunpowder. abdo admitted to plotting a mass attack on ft. hood. it comes less than two years of the deadly shooting that claimed the lives of 13 people in 2009. joining us, the gun store employee that tipped off authorities, greg ebert. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i understand that you are a retired police officer.
3:16 am
so you are used to having keen observations. what did you notice on that day? it was something from the very beginning, right? >> i think our first concern or what drew our attention to the young man was the fact that he arrived at the business in a commercial taxi. >> why was that odd to you? >> it just seemed out of place. we don't often have people come to the store in taxis. it wasn't a major issue at the moment. we just through the surveillance system at the store, we're able to see the taxi pull in for the lot, the driver got out. he was kind of milling around the vehicle and we just thought it kind of out of place. >> right, then you got the sense that he probably didn't know exactly what he was buying because he asked you for smokeless gunpowder. why would that be a red flag?
3:17 am
>> well, the majority of people that reload their own ammunition are familiar with the types of powder that they're purchasing. would be the first thing. secondly, they don't generally buy powder in large quantities so the -- i guess what drew my attention to this young man is he took time to select six individual canisters of powder. and after placing them on the counter at the store, asked the manager what is smokeless powder? that just struck me as being kind of odd. >> he also looked young so your manager wanted to see his i.d. which he did present. now, he buys this. he spends $250. but you had a queasy feeling in your stomach, didn't you? >> i was uncomfortable. it just -- he didn't seem to know what he was doing and
3:18 am
again, the quantity of powder that he's purchasing just left me uncomfortable. >> so you decide to call police that night. what was that phone call like? >> well, i have kind of an advantage having retired from the agency, i'm still aquainted with some of the senior staff so i called one of the lieutenants that i know and i explained to him and made a statement up front that i'm not accusing this young man of anything but i didn't feel comfortable with the fact that he had purchased such a quantity of powder and didn't really have a basic knowledge of what it's to be used for. >> right. >> and i gave him -->> gave him the information. they end up going and figuring this whole thing out. when you found out, mr. ebert, that you had thwarted another potential major plot at fort hood, what was your reaction? >> to be honest with you, i was
3:19 am
more proud of the fact that pat and his guys were able to go out and find this character more so than, you know, my personal involvement in it. >> i know you don't like to be labelled a hero but had it not been for you, sir, we could have had another complete disaster at fort hood. i want to play a bit of an interview from two years ago from this suspect, nasir abdo and get your reaction. listen to this. >> i don't want to deploy because i believe i can't both deploy and be a muslim. >> what he said two years ago is he refused to go to afghanistan even though he was part of the u.s. military because he was a muslim and he didn't feel like he could kill people there. your reaction now after seeing that? >> i just think it's unfortunate. the united states military is a volunteer force and if the young
3:20 am
man held such views prior to enlisting, i'd just be concerned why he found it necessary to enlist in the military in the first place. >> no doubt and why he was still in the u.s. military after those comments which obviously will be investigated now. greg ebert, the gun shop employee who tipped off police to avert another fort hood disaster. even though you don't want me saying hats off to you, i'll say it anyway. hats off to you. thank you so much for being a great american citizen. >> thank you. >> coming up on the show, the white house keeps saying you have to raise taxes to fix the debt. is it really the only option? stuart varney is doing math today? oh, my goodness. hope you got an a in calculus, my friend and the nationwide search is on. are you the next frank sinatra? we'll introduce you to a few of the contestants. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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>> the house as you're now learning as you're waking up, yep, they delayed the vote to lift the federal debt limit after negotiations fell flat. some republicans are still not convinced that the bill does enough to cut big government spending so is the problem one of revenue or spending? >> stuart varney is here from the fox business network to break it all down for us. you're doing math this morning. >> yes, i am. >> let me see your transcript. >> right here it is. >> we talk about the rich side of this and if income is taxed at a higher level, does that solve all the problems? >> no, not at all! let's go crazy. let's, for example, imagine that we tax at 100% every dollar anybody makes of $250,000 a year. in other words, you take it all off and you make $250,000 and
3:25 am
$1, that $1 comes right after you and goes to the government, you still only bring in $900 billion a year and you only have a deficit of $750 billion. even with 100% tax rate above $250 k per year. let's suppose you go utterly insane and totally illegal and you confiscate the wealth, not the income, the wealth -- >> coming from the bank. >> real estate. your stocks, your bonds, your yachts, your corporate jets, your business, just take it all off the 400 richest people in america. you confiscate the lot. you still balance the budget in just one year and the year after that, you're back to a trillion dollar deficit and plus you've wrecked the economy and ruined the constitution. that's another story. >> what about the bush tax cuts? >> ok, restore the bush tax cuts. in other words, you tax the wealthy at a higher rate over 250, you bring in just $80 billion a year. that's it. you still got a deficit of $1.52
3:26 am
trillion a year. plus you like it to have a bigger deficit the following year because you have really hurt the economy. >> you know what, stuart? by depicting what's going on mathwise there in washington, d.c., it's clear there's a spending problem in washington and that's why all these tea party republicans are saying look, i came to washington to stop this. so i get their conundrum? >> they got a point. they're looking long term and saying none of these plans addresses america's long term dilemma. it's not that long term! it will hit us next year. that's why we're being downgraded. we're spending so much. >> what do you mean we're being downgraded? >> might be. >> it's highly likely by a right agency -- >> no party since the 1950's has cut spending. >> neither party since the 1950's. do we have any -- >> no party at any time in america's history has faced a deficit and accumulated debt like this. the deficit this year is $1.65
3:27 am
trillion. and the trillion dollar deficit is as far as the eye can see. we're looking like greece. that's why -- i don't care what happened in the past. right now, you're facing a cliff that we've never faced before. >> it comes down to the p.r. message and the president has been effective in telling people that taxes actually will help cut down the deficit if he looked at your charts, he wouldn't be able to say it. >> do you think he'll be able long term to look good when we're downgraded on his watch? >> i don't know. >> be the same camp as slovenia. stuart varney, see him at 9:20 this morning on fox business network. >> we are fired up. >> we can tell. >> thank you very much. >> straight ahead, a web site out! a c.i.a. agent who they think spearheaded the bin laden raid. does the public have a right to know or is this just a very dangerous move? we're gonna report and you will decide. >> then this dog didn't stop and pick up his number. but he ran the marathon anyway. the story of how he got there
3:28 am
and the amazing ending after he crossed the finish line. >> is he wearing shoes? happy birthday to martina mcbride. country singer turns 45 today. ♪ [ female announcer ] erybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra ft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ah. [ femalennouncer ] using less never felt so good. we all go... why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft.
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>> the u.s. government is a few days away from running out of money to pay its bills. unbelievable. this is how crazy it's getting. congress' latest plan to see how much cash they can get for john mccain on antiques roadshow. >> oh, my goodness! >> i think that could bring in some good cash. >> you think so? >> probably got a good attic full of stuff, i would think. >> wasn't just him. >> i was trying to go the nicer route. >> i got it. let's do a couple of headlines for you if you're just waking up. new photo into fox news, it shows norway massacre suspect anders breivik arriving for another entiinterrogation. it's the second time he's been interviewed for that shooting spree on the island. >> starting next month, the tsa will be taking a page from israel? that's right. they will be testing a new
3:33 am
behavior detection system at airport checkpoints. there are already officers at 161 airports who look for travelers who were acting weirdly, suspiciously. but now, tsa officers will interact with them more using interrogation methods that have had great success in the country of israel. >> and the pilot who treaded water in lake huron for 18 hours now speaking out. michael trapp described how he survived after the engine failed when he plunged into the water. >> did not have a life jacket and so i'm like all right. stay right here. a little bit of a warm stuff, though. i did some of that most of the night. kept chasing a little bit and looking for spotters. >> he was spotted by another boat and could be released from the hospital tomorrow. >> talking about a real underdog.
3:34 am
dozer, the golden doodle somehow escaped from his electronic fence to join runners in a half marathon. he kept pace the entire time. even crossing the finish line. and the story gets better. a facebook page was quickly set up in his name to raise money for cancer. donations poured in. and dozer has raised more than $17,000 and one more treat, in two hours, dozer and his owner here live on "fox & friends." >> get out the alpo! take a look ahead at the day weatherwise. we have widely scattered showers across the central plains. it's been hot there. currently eating up portions of kansas up through iowa as well. also some activity down along the gulf coast. let's take a look at the tropical satellite and you can see it coming. that's tropical storm don! heading for the texas coast. and they really could use the rain. when exactly will it make landfall? well it looks like probably by tonight into tomorrow around
3:35 am
2:00 in the morning, this gigantic rain maker, maximum sustained winds of 50-mile-per-hour winds. as you head out this morning, let's take a look at the readings. a whole bunch of 70's and 80's and a lot of humidity along the gulf coast. dallas once again, today will be the 26th day over 100. raleigh, 101. meanwhile, northern plains, temperatures in the 80's. >> something we have done on "fox & friends" for the last 15 years is whenever an intern who has proudly served the program, when they're ready to go back to college, we allow them the opportunity to be on tv and daniel elliott from chapel hill, north carolina, today is her last day and danielle, you're going to do the sports, aren't you? >> yep. >> all right. let er rip! >> give it a whirl. >> more big names are on the move in the nfl including one of
3:36 am
the game's most colorful figures. he's taking his twitter account and catching ability to new england. he signed a three year deal with the patriots. they also offered robert hanesworth in a trade. they signed kevin kolb to the cardinals. philadelphia is expected to sign vince young. tiger woods announcing his return to the golf course. he'll play next week's bridgestone invitational in ohio. he's won that tournament seven times and hasn't played since the championship in may where he pulled out with an injury just after nine holes. and lakers star kobe bryant could be playing basketball next season in turkey. talks are reportedly heating up between bryant and the turkish basketball club. the two sides will talk again in washington this weekend. reports say that istanbul based team could pay bryant as much as $1 million per month while the nba lockout is still going on. >> all right! >> nicely done. >> and danielle, special shoutout for helping me with my
3:37 am
facebook page. she brought me into 2011. i know, clayton, i had to find somebody else to help me because you weren't always around. thank you so much. >> thanks. >> you did a service. >> danielle, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i'd love to be an anchor one day. >> you did a great job. thanks for helping us this summer. the search is on for the modern day frank sinatra and courtney friel has the scoop on this nationwide crooner casting call. >> happy friday, everybody! yeah, this is a national contest being put on by music executives who have worked with elton john, bon jovi and steven tyler. they're looking for an 18-year-old to 24-year-old male with that rat pack style and winner will receive a record and management deal. in the past three weeks, they've received thousands of video submissions on line and yesterday held an open call here in "new york, new york" city. so i went to check out the competition. >> sing some sinatra for us.
3:38 am
>> ♪ come fly with me let's fly let's fly away ♪ >> ♪ if you can use some ♪ >> how too you feel you did just now for the judges? >> i felt i did pretty well. i was definitely nervous. >> ♪ i feel feel aglow just thinking of you ♪ >> do you feel you're a little young to appreciate sinatra. >> no, not at all. i feel like every generation needs to hear this type of music. >> do you have any sort of training? >> yeah, i've studied a little bit at berkeley college of music. >> ♪ every honey bee fills with jealousy ♪ >> david simone is the music executive picking the winner. what are you looking for? >> i am looking for a young guy who lives and breathes this music, that has swagger and a great voice, a star. >> someone who sings the lyrics and understands what they mean and they show it in their face and eyes and just musical ability.
3:39 am
>> let's do a little pop quiz. how well do you know sinatra? where was he born? >> oh, wow, i really don't remember. >> he was born in kentucky? >> hoboken, new jersey, close. what movie did he get the academy award for? >> "from here to eternity." >> he's kind of cute. does that make me a cougar? >> cougar? >> cougar contest. >> what can i say? the contest runs through august 31st so if you or anyone you know sounds like michael bouble, harry connick jr. or old blue eyes himself, submit an audition video to they're having problem finding people in this category because everybody wants to do pop and hip hop. >> i'm going to tweet it right
3:40 am
now. >> he's very, very close. it's very difficult. >> sounds best in the shower. >> right. it's surprising how because there's so many -- it's such a rare and such a unique voice to actually find somebody that can pull off sinatra. >> that's why they put on this contest. >> they had it in the boelg alley. >> what was the web site? >> >> you have until august 31st. >> did you know this? you've lost three of your freedom since this week started. judge napolitano breaks them down when we come back. >> was this a good decision? a web site ousts the agent who they think spearheaded the bin laden raid. do you have a right to know if it puts his life in danger? >> ♪ luck be a lady tonight [ male announcer ] succeeding in today's market requires decisive action.
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>> got some quick friday morning headlines for you. tylenol now lowering its suggested maximum dose for extra strength tylenol from eight pills a day to six. the company trying to reduce accidental overdoses and potential liver damage. the new dosing instructions will be on tylenol labels coming this fall. and today, the host of "jeopardy" alex trebek undergoes surgery on his achilles tendon that he ruptured chasing a burglar. the suspect was in court yesterday. after refusing to enter a plea yesterday, she told reporters she didn't do it. over to you and the judge. >> it's a fight for your freedom each week throughout the
3:45 am
country. they infringe upon your rights as american citizens. this week is so no different. used to live near the neck of the woods, cops are casing through apartment complexes using bomb sniffing dogs. what's worse? the searches occurred during the wee hours of the morning when you least expect it. fox news judicial analyst and host of "freedom watch" on the fox business network, judge andrew napolitano joins us now with more. explain this to me and walking out with dogs in the middle of the night hoping to catch you do something. >> they're walking around with dogs in the middle of the night in hallways of private buildings hoping that the dogs will smell something which will cause the dogs to indicate to the police there's something going on inside that apartment building and then the police will break down the door! >> not knock on the door. break down the door. >> break down the door even though the constitution says that would be an unreasonable search and seizure. they have to go to a judge and get a search warrant. why should everybody be concerned about this? we don't live in a society where
3:46 am
police can break down the door on the opinion of a dog. we live in a society where only they can authorize this. >> long signed patriotism, if you want to put up some patriotism and signs in your yard to talk about your son or daughter serving in iraq or afghanistan, you won't be able to do it. >> this city in louisiana says that you can put a sign on your front lawn saying go rebels! go tigers! if those are the mascots of your baseball or basketball or football teams but put a sign up there saying "god bless my son" who is defending freedom in iraq or afghanistan and you can't do it. that is discrimination based on the content of the sign. if the government wants to prohibit all signs because of aesthetics, that's an issue but it's fair. but for the government to say we like some messages and we don't like other messages, the first amendment prohibits government from making that decision. you own the front lawn, you
3:47 am
decide what message goes there. >> it's the city that says these signs are offensesive. these aren't. >> it's the city permitting the homeowners association to do it so the homeowners association is using the power of the city to regulate the speech of those who own homes in that association. >> now, if you're lucky enough out here, outside the fox newschannel, you'll see the judge. >> this is your favorite one. >> you'll see him passing through times square and he likes to give the finger point to a guy out there on a regular basis with a sign that says help, i need money. >> this character has been arrested three times two blocks from here. he's not smoking marijuana. he doesn't have marijuana on him. all he has is that sign saying i need help for weed. guess what? the sign is protected speech! and the police cannot arrest him because of that sign. he's been arrested three times. he now has a very significant lawsuit against the nypd because they arrest him because of his speech. again, the government deciding what speech can be articulated and what speech can't. first amendment stops the government from doing that. >> did you flick any money into his hat?
3:48 am
>> no, i didn't but i waved at him. >> we do this every day on "freedom watch". we look when the government steals your liberty or property. >> you need to watch "freedom watch" weeknights at 8:00 p.m. on the fox business network. the great andrew napolitano. >> aren't you kind? >> great to be with you, my friend. >> coming up on the show, a web site publishing a picture it claims is the c.i.a. agent who spearheaded the bin laden raid. is this a very dangerous move? a former agent here to explain the consequences of that. then mick jagger about to show you a side of him you've never seen before. and may have people in washington a little steamed.
3:49 am
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>> c.i.a. agents do their jobs without the expectation of big paychecks, fame or recognition. they don't want the spotlight. so it's not exactly helpful when your job is all about top secret observations but the web site called "gawker" now trying to expose one particular agent, an agent al-qaida would love to find and probably kill, the one who tracked down usama bin laden. michael scheuer is the former chief of the c.i.a. bin laden unit and the author of "usama bin laden" joins us from d.c. good morning. >> good morning. >> the back story is the associated press after the bin laden kill did a story about this particular unit and they identified that, perhaps, the guy behind it was in this white house photograph and "the gawker" this lousy web site out there did the math, figured out, hoe, that's the guy and then outted a c.i.a. agent! >> well, you know, it's typical
3:53 am
of most of the american media, steve, that they're very anti-agency. the idea that the agency was at that center of killing bin laden probably stuck in a lot of their throats. and now we see people like gawker and a.p. who have previously published stories about agency officers who are still serving and/or undercover. it's just an amazing situation in america where people are rewarded for in essence aiding and abetting the enemy. >> the problem for this person and we're not going to identify who he is in that picture. we've all seen that picture. we have no idea who most of the people are. but his well being is now in peril, i would imagine. i mean, if there were an al-qaida operative who learned where the guy lived, he could be in trouble. >> i think it's very dangerous to expose anybody who was involved with killing usama bin laden. bin laden was a beloved figure in the community of islamists. and certainly, exacting revenge for bin laden against the person who was involved in his killing
3:54 am
would be a huge feather in someone's cap. >> absolutely. let's go back a couple of years, michael, during the george bush administration when valerie plane was inadvertently outted as a c.i.a. operative. there was an investigation. there was a lot of trouble for people. why no outrage here? same thing happened, didn't it? >> i think it's much worse. she probably didn't have a lot of enemies around the world that remember going to come looking for them. but this fellow responsible for usama bin laden's death or in part for it is certainly at risk. as secretary gates said about the identities of the seals, sir. >> absolutely. so why would this web site gawker do this? >> as i said, i think most of the media is anti-agency. and they think it's fun to put people at risk. they don't like some of the things the agency does. for example, you know, the pulitzer prize for treason, if i remember correctly, went to the
3:55 am
woman at the "washington post" who exposed the agency's black sites during the rendition program. so the media and the media establishment rewards this kind of conduct. >> and ultimately, from what i understand, michael, is they published the picture of the guy and identified, yeah, that's the guy right there. it was completely unsubstantiated, didn't have anybody who said yeah, that's the guy. they just said ok, according to what we figured out, that's him. >> yeah. steve, the average high school yearbook staff has more integrity and common sense than gawker or a.p. they might have put an entirely mistaken personality on someone's bull's eye. it's an extraordinarily reckless unprofessional thing to do. >> it certainly is. and ultimately, is it news in your estimation? >> the news was bin laden was killed. the officers in the military and the agency responsible for that should have been congratulated, end of story. no one needs to know anybody who was involved in that operation.
3:56 am
>> yeah. absolutely. it's a crazy thing. irresponsible thing to do on the part of gawker. all right, michael scheuer joining us from d.c. thank you, sir, have a great weekend. >> you, too, sir, thank you. >> what do you think about that? what gawker did to that c.i.a. agent outing him? e-mail us, friends at coming up, the latest check on tropical storm don. it is just hours from making landfall along the texas coast. and then all you can fly. that's right. jet blue offering an unlimited number of flights for a fixed price. how much it costs. might it be a good deal for you? next hour. thanks to the venture card from capital one, we get double miles on every purchase, so me and the boys earned a trip to dc twice as fast! oh hi! we get double miles every time we use our card.
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>> good morning, everyone.
4:00 am
today is friday, july 29th. thanks for sharing your time. >> he joined the military but refused to fight the enemy. so instead, he allegedly plotted to kill americans. latest detail on a muslim soldier gone awol but thwarted. >> his debt ceiling bill on hold at this hour. will speaker boehner ever be able to get the tea party on board. we'll find out. >> meanwhile, why does the white house really hate the boehner bill? because it's going to ruin christmas. you've got to hear this one to believe it. "fox & friends" hour two for a friday starts right now. >> ♪ if i go crazy will you still call me superman if i'm alive and well will you be there to holding my
4:01 am
hand i'll keep you by my side with my super human might ♪ >> it is friday. has the rain stopped? it looks like it. it means the all american summer concert series will be on. famous dave's is here plus three doors down. huge band going to be performing live. >> love those guys. >> joining us in a little bit here. hope the rain stops and keeps the crowd happy. >> they are literally three doors down from our studio. we're inside here. three doors down, we'll go outside and hopefully join a bunch of you. you can watch us towards the end of the show and they'll be performing that hit song you just heard there. >> that's right. in the meantime, people figured when they woke up this morning, they'd hear the latest on the debt ceiling bill and passed by the house. well, the tea party republican freshmen class threw a moneying wrench into that and said you know what? enough of them did, we can't go along with the boehner bill. last night at 10:30, the republican leadership said sorry to send you home so late but come back tomorrow at 10:00 and
4:02 am
we'll start this over. according to some reports, they could be as close as just three or four votes to passing it where they would then send it to the senate where it immediately would be killed by harry reid. >> this is no doubt a problem for the republicans right now. let's face it. yesterday was supposed to be the day they were going to hold president obama's feet to the fire. they were going to pass the first -- they were going to pass a plan, actually, folks. we are four days away from default. this is going to be a plan that would pass. no doubt this is a huge problem for speaker boehner. a lot of people are saying this is the essence of his speakership right here. >> rush limbaugh basically saying that republicans are being played like saps and he said the whole process here is playing republicans like saps because you know what? it's going to be the reed-obama bill that comes through. what happens when the reid-obama comes through? they'll have to get a lot of democrats on board in the house, not the tea party members that ended up not supporting this bill. presidential candidate and representative michelle bachmann had to say about this whole process and the tea party
4:03 am
members? >> i won't raise taxes. i will reduce spending and i won't vote to raise the debt ceiling. and i have the titanium spine to see it through. >> see, you can understand what she's talking about. you can understand why so many tea partiers are suddenly in a huge dilemma because they went to washington because they felt that washington had a spending problem and they said, if i get to washington, i won't vote to raise the debt limit. i'm going to do my best to cut back things. ok, they're right there right now. what are you going to do? house leadership saying you know what? we've got to pass this because it's the best of all the bad deals but at the same time, you understand they're there to do a job and for them to say, look, i know i said that then. now i got to vote for a part of the problem, they feel, that's problematic. >> it is problematic but it's not like they're just voting to raise the debt ceiling without any other consequences. in this particular bill, there would be $917 billion of cuts
4:04 am
and then the same amount in raising the debt ceiling so you're kind of neutralizing the situation if they're looking for a fallback. >> right, but the cuts are over 10 years and you know in washington, d.c., once a new congress comes in, it's hard to hold the feet to the fire of those upcoming congresses. remember in 2011, they passed that thing where they were supposed to cut all that stuff. do they? >> one congressman, representative louie gomar of texas said this feels like tarp again. here's what he said. he said i'm a bloody and beaten no and it feels like tarp did the pressure from our leadership to cave and vote for tarp feels very similar to the pressure we're feeling right now. but charles krauthammer yesterday may have given them an out which is to say yes, he supports what the tea party members are trayiying to do whi is shrinking government but he basically says you can't rule from one part of the government. take a listen. >> they don't have the senate and they don't have the house.
4:05 am
i respect what they want to do. i share what they want to do. shrink the government. you cannot do it at the point of a gun from half of the congress. it cannot be done under our system. all of us respect the constitution. it sort of defines the new conservativism, if you believe in it, if that's what you really want, respect the constitution and understand its restraints, accept them and win the election in november. >> that's what he's saying is that you might have to have to this slight bit of compromise because then leave it up to the people in 2012. if they want to elect more people like they did in 2010 or they won't. but at least try and -- as boehner has been saying, put the president's feet to the fire if you're a tea party member because now, what could happen is if this reid bill gets passed before the boehner bill gets passed and where does that put the tea party members? >> but keep in mind, first of all, the house did pass a bill and it's sitting on harry's reed
4:06 am
disk called cut, cap and balance. if harry reid really wanted to do something, he'd act on that. finally, you know, take it off ice and vote on that but also the president of the united states had a chance to seal the deal on sunday. harry reid agreed to john boehner bill. mitch mcconnell was on board. those three guys said, ok, we've got a deal. crisis averted. this is last monday but the president said no, it's short term deal. i'm not going to go along with that. what's going to happen today? they're going to meet at 10:00 in the morning, apparently overnight, the house has been tweaking the current bill. there will be apparently some more cuts to pell grants, undoing defense cuts and reformulating the balanced budget amendment trying to make it a little more attractive to a number of those tea party freshmen. >> big number this morning, five. only five days left until this debt crisis. >> they'll solve it. >> until tuesday. >> i thought you were going to say the 12 days of christmas. >> it could be if you wrap that up and think about the holidays. we look for it and try to have a positive attitude about the
4:07 am
holidays. christmas and christmas planning. the white house says this whole debt ceiling and voting on the boehner bill could ruin christmas. >> in the most important economic season in the country and at a time when people don't want to worry about whether or not their interest rates are going to go up, their mortgage payments and their car payments and their student loan bills and their credit card payments especially if they're buying gifts for the holidays. if we care about the economy, how could that possibly be the answer? >> you got to wonder, if the advisors are all sitting in their offices coming up with their strategy saying we know we're going to get asked again is this a re-election ploy that we don't want a short term deal. let's bring up christmas. many people don't want to ruin christmas. a lot of people don't want to talk about it anymore because it's a christian thing. let's not ruin christmas. >> as we talk about what's going on in washington, keep in mind, you know, i know we're approaching the 11th hour but
4:08 am
according to people on the inside, mr. boehner is apparently meeting with mcconnell. they have spoken with mr. biden. they are talking about if at the very last minute, nothing is solved, short term deal. >> yeah. >> 30 days, could be 60 days. >> coming up later on the show, maybe we'll talk about this 14th amendment, too, and will the president have to pull that trigger? >> this story maybe hasn't gotten as much attention as it should have because of the whole debt ceiling discussion in the last couple of days but do you know there was another plot to attack fort hood allegedly by this member of the u.s. military right here. he is a muslim man named naser abdo. he went in to buy a bunch of ammunition. smokeless gunpowder and thanks to the employee who worked at this guns galore store in kilene, texas he was a retired police officer and didn't think something was right. he called authorities and helped to thwart this attack.
4:09 am
>> i called one of the lieutenants that i know and i explained to him and made a statement up front, i'm not accusing this young man of anything. but i just didn't feel comfortable with the fact that he had purchased such a quantity of powder and didn't really have a basic knowledge of what it's to be used for. i just think it's unfortunate, the united states military is a volunteer force. and if the young man held such views prior to enlisting, i just would be concerned why he found it necessary to enlist in the military in the first place. >> yeah. what he's talking about is the fact that back in may, he petitioned this particular guy petitioned for conscientious objector status based on his muslim beliefs and he was granted that. then you fast forward a little bit and then they discovered child porn, kiddie porn on his computer.
4:10 am
and on the fourth of july, he we want awol from fort campbell in kentucky and was not seen by the authorities until he was picked up and essentially spilled the beans. said what i was going to do is i was going to detonate a bomb in a very popular restaurant near fort hood and then i was going to shoot anybody who walked out. >> and what's also interesting, greg ebert there who we had on the show a little earlier ago, one of the things that stood out to him was this taxi. he took a taxi to come here and buy guns and buy this ammunition at this shop. and he also was going to the same shop where nidal hasan loaded up on ammo before he attacked fort hood and killed 13 individuals. he was absolutely a hero this morning. thought to call authorities. >> great u.s. citizen. let's do a couple of headlines. we're going live to texas. bay in corpus christi looking calm at this early hour but those boats and the beaches, well, they're about -- i'm not sure that's a live picture right now. anyway, they're about to be rocked potentially because
4:11 am
tropical storm don not far off shore right now and it's expected to make landfall between corpus christi and brownsville late tonight. the winds picking up to 65 miles per hour. many people are welcoming the storm with open arms because texas needs the rain to help ease the drought. a community out in force looking for a missing 11-year-old girl, reported missing from her northern new hampshire home tuesday morning. police are searching her computer now looking for any clues. her family and her friends still holding out hope. >> we miss and we love selena. we miss her smile and we want her home. selena, we want you to know the entire community, your friends, your family, are doing everything possible to bring you home where you belong. >> police say that there is no sign of a struggle and they don't believe that selena ran away. they alerted canadian authorities as well to keep an eye out for the little girl. rock legend mick jagger exposing another side? what's left? a conservative side?
4:12 am
in a few book about the rolling stones front man, jagger allegedly told his girlfriend to cover up when his parents came to visit. jagger is portrayed as conservative in the money department, watching every penny that the stones made like a hawk. >> i can't get no debt ceiling increase. whoa, whoa, whoa. that's what -- >> never know. >> that's why steve only sings in the shower and not here at the show. while congress dukes it out over the debt limit, where's president obama? is he in danger of looking like a spectator while republicans get their hands dirty? our political panel weighs in on that next. >> then with this ticket, the ski is the limit. take any flight to any city again and again, how you can get the new unlimited pass straight ahead on this friday. good day to fly away on this "fox & friends." looking good! you lost some weight.
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>> welcome back, everyone. house and senate leaders, of course, scrambling to reach a deal on our nation's debt ceiling before the august 2nd deadline. president obama is being accused, though, of taking a back seat in this debate. so is the president in danger of seeming like a spectator at one of the most difficult times in his presidency? joining me now this morning, our political panel douglas holt econ, former director of the congressional budget office and rich lowry editor of the national review and alexis mcgill jonathan, executive director of the american values institute. glad to see you, panel. how was the barbecue out there sn? >> fabulous. >> let me start with you, rich, i believe it was in the "new york times" yesterday that they thought obama could be seen as a spectator in this whole debate. do you think he risks at looking not involved right now?
4:17 am
>> of course, he's not involved. he played the negotiations badly and basically cut out of them last weekend by both republicans and democrats, and he'll sign anything that gets to his desk, i believe. you have a boehner plan that's been scored by the cbo, struggling to get through the house, obviously. you have a reid plan that's been scored by the cbo, struggling to get through the senate. what you don't have is an obama plan. >> it appears there may be a plan c in the works that maybe the president, alexis, has been discussing with top house and senate leaders. this plan c, a merger of boehner and reid. does that make him less of a spectator? >> look, i think that boehner famously said to the president. he said, you know, as i read the constitution, congress writes the laws and you sign them. that's during the grand bargain that he walked out of and i think the real story here is boehner has not been able to control his own party. there's been so much infighting and it looks like the republican party is content to drive the country off cliff. >> for all the right reasons, douglas? they were voted in in 2010 to do
4:18 am
exactly what they're doing. or should they be compromise ic? >> i think they have a great opportunity. they can pass the boehner plan. it's a substantive improvement on the nation's finances. it would be a plan that can get through the senate. harry reid's plan cannot get through the senate. as rich correctly pointed out, the president has been missing in action and played this in a political fashion. his most recent press conference was a positioning for failure effort so the house republicans have struggled, obviously but today they can pass this and walk away from it with a real improvement in the nation's finances and victory over the president. >> real quickly, what is happening right now at this moment in that get your ass in line room that john boehner set up. but is he meeting right now and trying to wrangle the votes? what's going on? >> well, it's unclear. you hear some people say they only need about two. some people say they need five to 12 that would be a very heavy lift. some talk it's a two tier plan. there's some talk that the second tier would be married to
4:19 am
a requirement to pass a balanced budget amendment which would pretty much be a nonstarter in the senate. i think at the end of the day, you're going to get something looking boehner reid like or a little less one way or the other. whether the boehner plan gets out of the house or not. >> stick around because 77% of african-americans voted to put the president in office. the percentage who would re-elect him now apparently just 50%. so the big question is, is he losing that particular part of his base? plus, take a look at this whale flipping through the air, more than 40 times. many say the whale was saying thank you. wait until you hear why.
4:20 am
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
>> welcome back. time for your news by the numbers. first, four months ago. the last time the dollar was this low against the yen. it's happened overnight. the dollar plunging again as the u.s. teeters on the brink of default. next $4.7 trillion. that's how much u.s. health care spending is expected to soar, too, by the end of 2020. the centers of medicare and medicaid predict each person will be spending about $5,000 more per year for their health care costs. finally, $141,362. that's how much the state of florida is billing casey anthony for her trial. it covers the cost of everything from expert witnesses to court reporting services and kinkos. gretch gretchen? >> thanks. the unemployment rate among african-americans is staggering, 16.2%. that's seven points higher than the national average. now a new poll finds that just 54% of african-americans approve of president obama's handling of the economy. that's down from 77% just last
4:24 am
october. so is the president in danger of losing a significant amount of his african-american support heading into the 2012 election? back with our political panel and i want to start with douglas holtz-econ to get your thoughts on whether this was a big deal or not. >> i don't think he's in danger of losing that very significant base of support. but he's in danger. basic problem is unemployment not just among african-americans. it's quite high among hispanics and well above the national average. that's an important swing set of voters. this is going to be an election which is a referendum on his mishandling of the economy. what he's seeing in that group will be spread quite broadly. >> are you stunned by that drop from 77% to 54%? because so many african-americans supported this president in 2008? >> i think that the african-american base will stay loyal to the president. i think of myself as an african-american voter and i think, you know, i'm like a tiger mom. i love the president, you know, but i expect a lot out of him. that public critique that is
4:25 am
happening that you're hearing in the community is reflective of that. the reality is the other side will not offer any real alternatives to the african-american community. >> why not? >> because, i mean, you got michelle bachmann signing slavery pledges, come on, i don't think anyone on the other side is really gonna -- >> what about when they create jobs? when you look at that 16.2% unemployment rate, it's staggering. what if the republican message about creating jobs was suddenly something good to hear? >> i think the president will be talking about jobs as well and i think the history with republican party has been so divisive with the african-american community that it's not going to happen. if you think about the fact that in 33 states now, mostly led by republican state legislators, there are 33 voter i.d. laws. that more than anything is going to surprise the african-american vote. >> rich? >> well, look. the thing about that number 16%, the political effect is not going to be that profound because i think african-american voters are going to stay with president obama, first african-american president but they're a human tragedy. i mean, this is depression
4:26 am
levels of unemployment and it shows when you do not have growth in this economy, it's the most vulnerable people who are hurt most and hurt first and it shows the imperative to get the economy going again. >> douglas, final thoughts? >> the real issue is going to be intensity. president obama is a president because his base had tremendous intensity in 2008. these members stay the way they are, they won't get that again. >> thanks so much, panel. have a great weekend. this is an amazing story. he barely survived a plane crash. he treaded water for nearly a day until he was rescued. so what was going through the pilot's head? you're about to find out. then all you can fly? speaking of pilots. that's right. one airline offering an unlimited number of flights for one fixed price. how much it costs next. then the "fox & friends" all american summer concert series is back. we'll sit down with three doors down before they perform live on our plaza. come on down. get some barbecue. a big
4:27 am
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purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. >> all right. time for your shot of the morning. it's a real whale a tail. a scientist and his family came across a humpback whale caught in a net in the sea of cortez.
4:31 am
when they finally freed her, she stayed near the boat for more than an hour flipping into the air 40 times. look at that! looks like that ad. >> this was a display possibly to say thank you, maybe, well here's the scientist's child weighing in on that. >> mommy, i know what she's doing. >> what is she doing? >> she's showing that she's all free. >> yeah. >> thank you dance. >> i think so. >> free willie. >> exactly right. they made sure that the whale was ok before they left the scene. look at that. >> it's waving. >> it was waved good-bye. >> when a beautiful sight that is and out of the mouths of babes. usually they're right. >> yeah. >> now to the other stories making headlines for your friday. a new photo shows norway massacre suspect to totally change topic anders breivik an hour ago was arriving for a police interrogation. he's being questioned right now.
4:32 am
his second interrogation since admitting killing 76 people. a memorial service is under way in oslo being held by the youth group targeted in the shooting rampage. the first funeral will be held for an 18-year-old. >> story we first told you about yesterday, the russians announcing they would sink the international space station in the pacific after the year 2020. so all that work, down the drain! after public outrage, the russians now back tracking. the plan now, to extend the life cycle of the station until further notice. smart move, russians. >> yeah. >> meanwhile, he treaded water in lake huron 18 hours after the engine on his plane conked out. he described the moment he was rescued after nearly a day doing the dog paddle. >> i believe it was 10:30 and i took -- i had my sock. i was waving my sock and by the
4:33 am
grace of god, they slowed down. i about started crying when they slowed down. i was like oh, my god, yes, thank you. thank you. >> no kidding. trap swam towards shore and was eventually spotted by another boat. he could be released from the hospital as early as tomorrow. >> do you want to fly across the country again and again and again for one low price? jet blue offering a new deal now $2,000 plus tax, jet blue passengers can take unlimited flights between august 22nd and november 22nd. >> hurricane season. >> here's the catch. you must either start or end your trip in boston. or long beach, california. jet blue, like most airlines has been struggling with higher fuel prices and the rough economy. it's a good deal if you do aast thing all the time, you know, it would pay off. >> or if you're a boston traveler and businessman, meanwhile, as we take a look. travel spots of long beach, clear right now. boston, currently clear. we have widely scattered showers
4:34 am
from the great lakes going across the belly of the nation and back through the rio grande valley and speaking of down along texas, take a look. that is tropical storm don. drawing a bead to the area just north of brownsville. this is going to be a big rain maker and they certainly need that. they need plenty of rain across much of texas. they've had drought conditions for a while. when will it make landfall? batten down the hatches. it looks like tomorrow morning at 2:00, just as you can see to the north of brownsville, sustained winds of about 50 miles an hour. right now, don does have some gusts up to 65 as it comes ashore and it's going to pretty much go to the north and to the west towards the rio grande valley. meanwhile, the current temperatures as you head out today, a lot of 60's and 70's. we know you want to know how hot it's going to be? well, wear something flimsy once again today. in porptions of texas, it will e above the century mark. raleigh in at 101. take a look at the northern
4:35 am
plains. temperatures for the most part in the 80's and a lot of humidity from coast to coast today. >> it's a tradition here on "fox & friends." when we use and abuse the interns for so long, final day they're here, we ask them to fill in for brian and do sports. >> yes, today it's sarah from bloomsberg university. thank you for all your hard work. >> thanks, gretchen. >> more big names are on the move in the nfl including one of the game's most colorful figures. chad ochocinco is taking his twitter account and pass catching ability to new england. he signed a three year deal with the patriots and new england added the troubled defensive end albert hainesworth in a trade with the redskins. they sent kevin kolb to the cardinals. philadelphia is expected to sign vince young to back up michael vick. sad news about a former yankee pitcher. he was found dead at his california home of an apparent suicide. he was one of the first japanese
4:36 am
pitchers in the major league. he won two world series rings with the yankees in 1988 and 1999. he was 42 years old. tiger woods announcing his return to the golf course. tiger wrote on his twitter account that he will play next week's bridgestone invitational in ohio. woods was -- woods has won the tournament seven times. he hasn't played since the players championship in may where he pulled out with an injury after just nine holes. those are your sports headlines. >> there you go. >> how do you say that word that begins with t again? >> the championship. >> t-o-u-r-n-a. >> oh, tournament? >> you have a pennsylvania -- we always stretch our vowels. >> i know. that's horrible! tournament. >> i love the way you said it. great job. >> what do you want to be when you grow snup? >> hopefully next year when i graduated, you'll see me back
4:37 am
here at fox. >> she has her own show coming up here soon. thanks, sarah. >> thank you. >> all right. it is a friday in the summer and it's going to be our all american summer concert tour today we've got the group three doors down. they have sold more than 16 million albums coast to coast and around the world. and right now, we're joined here at center stage with the lead singer brad arnold. good morning to you, brad. >> good morning. >> how about a round of applause for three doors down? all right. now, brad, i've been reading the information about three doors down. and i thought there was something really deep about the name? where did you come up with the name, three doors down? >> we actually came up with the name off an old -- kind of an old fruit stand. we used to go down to mississippi and used to go down to gulf shores a lot and you go through alabama and it's just a
4:38 am
tunnel of fruit stands and things along through there. and it actually came off one of those. when i moved a couple of doors down and lost -- and the sign they put up to represent having moved, and there was three of us at the time. we put three doors down. >> had there been four, an extra guy, you would be -- >> four doors down. >> if there had been two, we'd be a dolly parton song. >> is it true that you became the lead singer because pretty much no one else wanted the job? >> that's pretty much it. i was the drummer, you know, i always started out playing the drums and never remember not beating on my mom's pots and pans and stuff, you know, and i'm the youngest -- >> you're not the only kid that does that. any other kids do that from the audience? >> i'm the young of seven kids. i come from a very vocal family. that's where my singing came in, i guess. >> you are also one of the guys
4:39 am
who have written a whole bunch of the songs and is it true that you started writing some of the biggest hits for your band when you were 15? >> i did. i did. thank god for algebra teachers because -- >> yeah, can i put that in kryptonite somehow? >> i wrote that in algebra class? >> you wrote one of the biggest songs of all time in high school algebra class? >> on my desk. >> what kind of a grade did you get in that class? >> that's what i was about to say, i did not do well. >> the band is doing great. you've sold 16 million albums. how many folks has a three doors down c.d., an album? now, when you were growing up, people had records and then they moved to c.d.'s. and now they just have a little file. >> that's right. >> you know what? the thing that we've always tried to concentrate on if
4:40 am
nothing else is to make -- is to make a c.d. or a record, you know, actually we put this record out in vinyl for the first time but our goal is to make a c.d. that you put in and listen to track one through track 12. >> that's just it. so many kids with their ipods, they don't even listen to a whole song anymore. >> i know. >> you put them together for a reason. all right, you're going to hear from three doors down in the next hour and you'll be playing for us, right? >> yes, sir. >> very good. round of applause for brad arnold on this suddenly dry friday in new york city! all right. gretch and clay, into you. >> thanks, steve. coming up on the show, is the white house leaking fake reports to the press that claim we're winning the war against al-qaida? we report, you decide. >> then if somebody hits your car this summer, it may not matter whose fault it is, you might still have to pay. legal analyst peter johnson jr. with what you need to know. is he inside of that hot rig? >> hope no one hits it.
4:41 am
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4:44 am
>> 44 minutes after the top of the hour. couple of quick headlines for you this morning. mammograms may have little impact on falling cancer death rates. a study suggests that better medicine and treatment actually save more lives. rather than the screening. and one of oprah's prodiges giving her the royal snub. jenny mccarthy was set to create a series for the oprah winfrey network but she was reportedly unhappy with the direction the producers were going. adding insult to injury, she apparently took her ideas to
4:45 am
another channel. steve? >> it's always something. meanwhile, listen to this, al-qaida is on the brink of collapse! you heard that in the news? well, that's exactly what "the washington post" is reporting this week citing anonymous government officials as their sources. even defense secretary leon panetta is on board. listen to this. >> we're within reach of strategically defeating al-qaida. >> we were at the point as a result of the operations that we conducted at the c.i.a. as well as, you know, the other work that's been done. i think we had undermined their ability to conduct 9/11 type attacks. >> that sounds great. but is it true? and why bring it up now? joining us right now from l.a. is andrew malcolm, the l.a. times national on line columnist. good morning to you, andrew. >> good morning, how are you tod today? >> i'm doing fine. when you hear leon panetta say that, you think that's really
4:46 am
great but you don't think it's true. >> it's very hard to tell, right? who can argue with it? that's the way these news means get started. but the way it works in government was in government before i was back in journalism. and what they do is they'll set out, they want to get a theme out. the theme would be we're winning in afghanistan. think about it. what is panetta's main job now? it's to sell the withdraw as justified. right? >> right. >> so if you can plant in stories and maybe they're not plants, maybe they're true, maybe they're wishful but the mean becomes the truth, right? and the mean is that gee, just a few more raids and we'd wipe these guys out. well, i don't know about you but after -- i don't know about you but after 9/11, i'm -- it's going to be a long time before i say we've wiped out bad guys. >> absolutely, andrew. and when you look at -- i don't have to tell you, you know. we're coming up on a presidential campaign and the last thing president obama wants -- >> look at that! >> the last thing he wants is
4:47 am
to look like he's cutting and running in afghanistan but that's exactly what panetta is selling. >> exactly. and the fear would be next year the g.o.p. is traditionally the strongest party on national security. and so obama, he's got enough trouble with independents and others, he would like to have it appear that this withdraw is perfectly justified not because we want to bring the troops home and the left doesn't like war, but because after all, we've almost wiped them out, right? >> sure. so andrew, what you're saying is panetta or somebody like him, a higher up in the government is pushing this agenda, this idea. it -- first of all, to "the washington post" and they figure since it's coming from him, it's true. but then it's an echo chamber with the mainstream media. if it's in the -- you know, it's in "the washington post." next is "the wall street journal" and "new york times" and suddenly, it's a fact, it seems. >> exactly. exactly right. you know, there's -- we have means in our life, al gore is so
4:48 am
self-important, he invented the internet. michelle obama talks healthy food eating and then goes out and eats cheeseburgers. obama plays a lot of golf. there are all these means that are out there. if there's truth to them, they stick. that's what they're hoping here. in the next few months, maybe you'll have me back and we'll talk about it. we'll watch and see where this mean takes hold and others are saying the same thing about victory and i don't know, how do you prove victory, right? >> he's the politics on line for the l.a. times, andrew malcolm, thank you very much for getting up really early out in l.a. where it is, what, 4:37. 4:48. >> it's an honor to be on the couch with you guys today. >> the virtual couch. thank you, andrew. >> the virtual couch. >> thank you, sir. straight ahead, you know you're a good driver. but what about the other guy with more and more people taking road trips? you better know your rights in case of a car accident. peter johnson jr. in the
4:49 am
driver's seat coming up next. he's got some hot wheels. but first on this date in history back in 1958, nasa is created as president eisenhower signs the national aeronautics and space administration into law and on this day in 1981, prince charles married diana. st. paul's cathedral in london. in 1967, number one song in america, "light my fire."
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
>> all right. welcome back to "fox & friends", the answer to the question of the day. the winner or the answer was elizabeth goal and the winn
4:53 am
elizabeth dole and the winner is from ohio. more cars on the road than any of the time and unfortunately, more accidents. do you know what to do before or after a collision to protect yourself and avoid lawsuits? people suing left and right. let's ask fox news legal analyst peter johnson jr. here with his suggestions to help drivers who are dealing with the accident. he's here. peter, will you unlock the car for me? >> come on, jump in, clayton, we have to keep going here. >> can't figure out how to unlock it. >> the car is locked. i'm not going to hop over. what do we need to do when we figure out to get in a car beforehand, buying the insurance policies beforehand. >> welcome to the johnson rules of the road, clayton. the important thing to do is don't play games when you're buying insurance. don't lie about where you live -- >> that's a big deal. >> people say -- >> whether you're parking your car in a certain place. >> i live in a grandmother's house and my grandmother is dead for 10 years. they say i'm in vermont but i really live in new york and trying to get cheaper premiums. don't do that because the
4:54 am
insurance company finds out and you have a bad accident, you're out of luck and there won't be coverage with regard to that. secondly, buy the umbrella or excess coverage. you can get it for another $100 or $200. if you're buying $25,000 or $50,000 in liability insurance, you can buy another $100,000, $300,000 or another million dollars in coverage for several hundred dollars and protect you and your family and your home from an accident that could cause sometimes a judgment to exceed even the value of your home. >> your home could be taken away. >> your home could be taken by liens and salary could be garnished and like that. if you're leasing this 2012 camaro from eagle chevrolet in riverhead, new york. make sure their name is the additional insured on the insurance policy meaning they're covered as well because most leases demand that. so people don't do that.
4:55 am
>> let's talk about after the accident. >> absolutely. >> safeguards that people need to have in place for their insurance after an accident. take us through some of these. >> first thing you have an accident, remain calm. second thing, safeguard people at the scene. third thing that's really important and people make this mistake all the time. i'm going to leave the cars in position. so when the police come, they will know who was really at fault. that's wrong. get off the road. don't stop on a bridge. don't stop at a tunnel. don't keep cars at an intersection because you'll get struck again. police are not there to determine who is at fault. they'll take statements to what the party say. >> don't try to settle a lawsuit ahead of time exchanging money on your own. >> that's a big mistake. a lot of people say let me give you $500. let me give you $300. >> and i'll keep quiet and won't contact insurance. >> none of that. don't get involved and finally, if you think the accident has been staged or it's a fraudulent
4:56 am
accident or you've been set up, call the police. get witnesses' names and take pictures with your cell phone as to what happened. >> peter johnson jr., nice ride. i enjoy it. thanks so much. >> stay out of court in the summer. >> yeah. thanks for coming. >> i'm not going to drive with peter. i've seen him drive. let's toss it back inside. >> and the car provided by? >> the car provided by? >> eagle chevrolet. >> nice wheels. thank you, sir. >> no kidding. we told you about his republican lawmakers using movie clips to rally support. >> i need your help. i can't tell you what it is. you can never ask me about it later and we're gonna hurt some people. >> whose car we gonna take? >> congressman allen west says he'll drive that car. he's here live moments away. >> and a web site ousts a c.i.a. agent who they think spearheaded the bin laden raid. does the public have a right to know or is this a very dangerous move? geraldo rivera here to tackle that and so much more.
4:57 am
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>> gretchen: tgif. it's friday, july 29. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing your time. who is playing games now? can you keep it straight? john boehner working overtime to rewrite his debt bill while democrats say don't bother. they seem intent on killing it, so what's going to happen today? is anything going to pass? >> steve: meanwhile, he joined the u.s. military but didn't want to fight the enemy. >> i don't want to deploy because i believe i can't do it. >> steve: instead, that guy allegedly plotted to murder americans. meet the hero who stopped him before he could pull the trigger. >> clayton: and he was the only pup left in the litter, but this underdog made his way to the front of the pack during a half
5:01 am
marathon. the dog and his owner who didn't even know he was in the race, escaped from the house, they're here live. "fox & friends," hour three begins next. ♪ everything i am ♪ ♪ everything in me ♪ wants to be the one you wanted me to be ♪ ♪ never let you down ♪ even if i could ♪ ♪ love me when i'm gone ♪ ♪ ♪
5:02 am
i won't tell you a damn thing ♪ >> gretchen: three doors down, the pride of mississippi is our band today. we can hardly wait to get outside and hear them play live as they are right now for all our fans and eating barbecue at the same time. >> steve: of course, one of the big hits, kriptonite. kids, this is something your mom and dads grew up with, called a vinyl record. >> clayton: they still making them? >> steve: they released their "time of my life" album as an actual album. >> i recognize it. >> gretchen: it's an l.p. right? we can talk like we're texting. >> steve: you still have all your own baez albums? >> i do, and pictures of carpenters records. >> steve: we got a busy day 'cause there is a whole bunch of stuff hitting the fan in washington. >> gretchen: let's do a couple headlines. we'll go to texas because today
5:03 am
in corpus christi, looking calm in the bay. but these boats could see rocking coming up. that's because tropical storm don not far off. it's expected to make landfall between corpus christi and brownsville late tonight. many people welcoming the storm because texas in dire need of rain to help ease the drought. a community in force looking for a missing 11-year-old girl. she was reported missing from her northern new hampshire home tuesday morning. police are searching her computer to find any clues. her family holding on to hope. >> the word is out, the more of a chance of her coming home safe. there is no other option at this time she'll be okay. we'll find her. >> gretchen: police say there is no sign of a struggle and they don't believe she ran away. they've alerted canadian authorities to keep an eye out for her. new jersey governor chris christie back to work today after a severe asthma attack put him in the hospital.
5:04 am
>> the folks in there did a great job, ran a whole battery of tests on me, took a whole lot of blood. everything came back normal. it's been a long time, i think since law school, since i had to go to the hospital for my asthma. >> gretchen: he admits his weight is not helping matters, saying, quote, the lighter i am, the healthier i'll be. the search is on for the next frank sinatra. national contest being held who are looking for an 18 to 24-year-old guy with that rat pack style. our own courtney friel met some of the hopefuls in an open audition in new york. ♪ come fly with me ♪ let's fly away ♪ . >> gretchen: the winner will receive a record and management deal. after they did their audition, they bowled a round.
5:05 am
>> steve: geraldo rivera is here with his version. ♪ come fly away ♪ come fly away with me. >> gretchen: all right! >> not three doors down. >> steve: they're coming up shortly. here is what's happening in washington, boehner could not get the votes last night, they're trying to do more chopping and tweaking. it looks as if they were get together later today. although harry reid already said look, don't even bother. >> i am in absolute despair, steve. i have lost 4% of my wealth this week, as have other s & p investors. the market has been hit horribly. the worst is yet to come. and i truly believe for the first time, i can't remember another situation like this, where i truly believe they will not get it together. they're too far apart. they're at war with each other. the whole notion that this could be a cut only kind of deal with no extra revenue. >> steve: let's not say that. they're not going to jack up
5:06 am
taxes. >> how about an oil depletion allowance? how about the ethanol subsidies and some of these farm subsidies and how about raising the minimum retirement age for medicaid and social security? >> gretchen: those are things that were on the table. >> steve: they had all this out. >> speaker boehner and the president both agreed to raise in 20 years, in gradual increments the retirement age from 65 to 67. >> steve: we haven't heard that for sure. >> people have to remember, and this is the point, in 1935, when franklin roosevelt passed social security, men lived to be age 60 and women lived to be age 64. so the program was designed for people who lived beyond their life expectancy. it was a small, relatively small number. now men live to be 78 years old. women live to be 81, 82 on average. life expectancy is growing year by year. it is clear with retirement lasting two decades instead of two years, that the program cannot be sustained.
5:07 am
>> gretchen: see, that is what's so frustrating to americans, because they elect these officials, get the act together! if you can sit here and say how clear that is, why is that such a problem? >> you know, i think that they're playing now -- this is why i despair, because they play to their home teams. they are playing to their narrow constituencies, they're not being patriotic, and i include the president -- >> steve: that's why the tea party freshmen are coming to logger heads with the speaker because they were elected -- there was a landslide election last time and they went there to cut the debt. so they captain in good conscience turn around and jack it up. >> i disagree. i think john mccain is absolutely right. he's being the old john mccain now. he's being frank and a straight shooter. >> steve: some say it was foolish. >> it is foolish because if you are true to your principles and in the result of being true to your principles you hurt your country, which principle is more important? your principle to your constituents, the 25% of the
5:08 am
people in your congressional district, or your nation that you were sworn to protect and preserve? i think that this is really obscene and i think the democrats who are refusing some of these cuts to entitlements and all the rest, i think that this will look, from history's point of view, as the low point in american domestic political squabbling. >> steve: that's something something. >> it really is. >> clayton: there has been a lot of talk about this home grown terrorism threatening the united states. nasser abdo, a 21-year-old soldier in texas, fort hood, was going to plan this attack on fort hood, and he got stopped. thankfully by a citizen at this gun store who thought something was up. but here we go again. we talk about this home grown terror threat and it's growing and it's a big problem. >> well, i don't know how big it is, but i certainly feel that this is a psychotic individual
5:09 am
who happens to be a muslim and i think he embraces muslim terrorism to cover his real problem, which is he is being discharged from the military because he's a important graph. i do believe that he really had mass murder on his mind. i say as an aside, isn't it kind of frightening that someone can go into a gun store and buy six pounds of smokeless gun powder to begin with? >> gretchen: isn't it kind of frightening that this guy can be a member of the u.s. military when two years ago he said he couldn't go to afghanistan because he couldn't fight muslims? my goodness, don't we have a system where you're done! >> i agree with you. what the hell are you having a conscientious objector.
5:10 am
when you join the military, you're joining the institution, the sole purpose of which is to protect the nation in war, if you're a conscientious objector, then join the peace corps. i talked to my dear friend, a colonel, he told me this is a good thing tactically because it shows cooperation between local law enforcement and the military to bring this guy to stop him. strategically, it's a real blow because it will generate suspicion about muslim american soldiers and the muslim community, the vast majority of whom are patriotic americans and that's too bad. >> steve: it was a happy day when we got bin laden. to take a victory lap, the white house released some photographs. the associated press did a story about one of the guys at the bin laden unit. we're not identifying anybody in these pictures, but gawker, this blog web site outed him, pointed
5:11 am
out who he was and said that he was the c.i.a. guy. it sounds to some like valerie plain. but now that guy has been outed by this web site and is a target. >> let me just say something that sounds like herese. i think what wikileaks has done -- by showing our diplomats really play straight and the stories they tell about some of these leaders that we're in business with are necessary stories for the american public to hear. gawker is a kind of similar, naughty, they exposed this guy was with that woman and his wife is home and all that stuff, usually. in these photos, as i understand it, you don't see the guy, you see an arm. but from the arm, they extrapolate a lot of information. they see his watch. >> steve: his arm. >> it's from his arm. you don't see his face. as they go through this amateur sleuthing, what they don't realize is this is not like who is cheating on whom. this is exposing someone whose life could be at stake.
5:12 am
we urge them to take the high road. >> clayton: good luck with that. they don't take the high road. >> in this one instance, let them be americans first and then a scandal monger second. >> steve: we'll be watching you this week. have a great weekend. we got plenty to talk about. >> do i ever. i'll be really broke by monday. >> gretchen: remember when republican lawmakers used this movie clip? did you see this movie? >> i can't tell you what it is, you could never ask me about it later and we're going to hurt some people. >> whose car are we going to take. >> gretchen: congressman allen west says he'll drive the car and he's here next. >> clayton: he was the only pup left in the litter. but this underdog made his way to the front of a pack during a half marathon. the dog and his owner here live. ♪ [ dave ] take any surface
5:13 am
and place it between the earth's crust and my feet and i will bring floor care justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪ call 1-800-steemer is actually finding choices the whole family will love. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor. and it's nice for me to be able to syes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavor gluten free
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5:16 am
>> steve: it was supposed to happen last night, but the vote on the house speaker boehner's debt ceiling bill has been delayed until later today because republicans didn't have the votes. so maybe they need to play this movie clip again to rally the troops like they did two nights ago. >> i need your help. i can't tell what you t you can never ask me about it later. we're gog hurt some people. >> whose car we going to take? >> gretchen: florida congressman allen west says he's ready to drive even though some democrats are mad about the move. but congressman, you're one of the tea party newly elected members of congress who decided to go with the boehner bill. really, wasn't that movie clip to inspire tea partiers to stand their ground and that's where we are right now. are we going to come to some sort of deal today? >> well, i think that movie clip
5:17 am
and -- good morning, gretchen and sleeve. the clip was about getting on board and supporting the speaker, which that's why i said i'd be willing to drive that car. we can sit around and wait for the 100% plan, but as i said in a short speech i gave at the house gop conference a couple of days ago, this is a 70, 75% plan. it gets us to continue to move the ball forward, down the field and that's why i'm supporting it. and when you look at it, i voted against having a debt ceiling raise. for the first time in the history of this nation, we're talking about raising the debt creeling and cuts to spending. >> steve: i'm sure raising the debt limit drives you nuts, but it's one of those necessary things that has to happen right now. compound question, first of all, how many votes short are the republicans; and two, what's going to happen later today? >> i heard last night we were about two to three votes short of that 216. we are having a house gop conference meeting this morning
5:18 am
at 10:00 o'clock. >> steve: that's going to be good! >> yeah, it's going to be good. i'm sure we're going to go back and revisit some things. look, this is not the perfect plan, as i said. one of the things that i'm not warmed over about is this joint congressional committee, but i know that you can't come up here expecting you're going to get your way each and every time. but i think this plan, john boehner's plan is far more superior to harry reid's plan and far more superior than anything that has come out of the senate which has not passed a budget in 820 days. >> gretchen: and so republicans are now saying to themselves exactly, because at least if you passed something, it would hold the president's feet to the fire, or the senate, at least. so let me ask you this, congressman: are other members of the tea party correct in standing their ground or should they follow you? >> well, one of the things is, every person, every man, woman has to search their own heart, and in looking at this situation, i searched my own heart. i understood that this bill allows me to stay within my principles where we are cutting
5:19 am
spending, where we are capping federal government spending, as per gdp and we'll look at having a balanced budget amendment. we're going to bring up votes on two different amendment proposals tomorrow, if we can pass the boehner plan today. it may not be packaged the way i like t but everything is there that meets my criteria and i can stand by those principles. >> steve: i don't know why everybody is complaining. they passed cut, cap and balance and harry reid is putting it on ice. >> you're right. we need to maintain the initiative and we need to stay on the offense and i know some people say, you passed cut, cap and balance ask sit back and do nothing else. that's not the type of person i am. i believe you continue to push forward for the american people because the last thing i want to see are interest rates go up on american people. >> steve: he's ready to drive the car. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: the tsa now taking a page from israel?
5:20 am
by engaging suspicious travelers about time are over the line? really? >> steve: democrats and republicans out with new ads, but is america listening to what either side has to say. frank luntz reports and you will decide. >> gretchen: 3 doors down, warming up for the big performance with "it's not my time." ♪
5:21 am
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5:24 am
>> clayton: welcome back. with everyone wanting to be heard during the debt showdown, who is getting their point across and whose message falling on deaf ears with the voters? joining me is frank luntz and he's got great new ads he's been looking at. nice to see you. i guess we're talking about some of these rnc ads which are starting to go after some of that hispanic voters that republicans are fearful they lost. >> there is three components, three principles that these ad people are now putting into practice. this is how you can tell the way it works. clarity, credibility, and control. clarity, so that the message is really clear about what it's trying to communicate. credibility, is it based on some sort of fact? control, does it put the listener in charge? not just of the ad, but of their future.
5:25 am
the first one for the rnc is very effective because it talks about barak obama's promises. let's take a look. >> barak obama promised us a better economy, but he gave us bigger government, higher taxes, and skyrocketing debt. 2.5 million jobs lost, largest deficit in history, 14.3 trillion national debt. the picture is clear. >> nobody is looking to raise taxes right now. we're looking at potentially 2013. >> we can't afford four more years of barak obama. help america change direction. republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> clayton: those lines are stark, it's climbing uphill. >> it's climbing uphill. it doesn't do badly among democrats either because there are facts and those ads that are fact, that deal with real number, people trust. now, aarp has gotten an interesting ad an the issue of medicare and social security, very personal. this one is also effective.
5:26 am
let's take a look. >> i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher, and i count on social security. here is what i'm not. a pushover. right now some in washington want to make a deal, cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how can they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target until you realize there are 50 million of us. >> tell the politicians cut waste and loophole, not our benefits. >> clayton: frank, effective or ineffective? >> effective. he's looking straight to camera, he's delivering a message in very simple language. it connects to people. it puts them in control. one of the best ads we've been testing for the past three, four months. >> clayton: how is this for concise, frank luntz will be back with us all through the election season here taking a look at some great ads and great polls. always great to see you. >> thank you. >> clayton: coming up here on the show, he barely survived a
5:27 am
plane crash in lake huron and had to tread water for nearly a day until recuers arrived. what was going through his head when he thought he might die? we'll find out. then this underdog quickly became top dog, breaking into the front of the pack during a half marathon. the pup and his owner are here live. stick around, 3 doors down performing live straight ahead. but first, here is "kryptonite" ♪
5:28 am
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5:32 am
>> gretchen: fox news alert. a new report just came out, the second quarter growth of the gdp in this nation, it is 1.3% for the second quarter. that is well below expectations. they were expecting at least 1.8% growth. the dow futures down over 100 points on this news. so you combine that today with the debt ceiling situation still unresolved and looking tenuous at the moment. >> clayton: combine that with what happened to the dollar overnight against the yen, down the lowest point for the dollar in four months right now. that's not good news. as you heard geraldo talking about what his s & p portfolio looks like this morning, not good. >> steve: what he left out was it went up 3% last week. >> clayton: geraldo like in vegas is down one. >> gretchen: let's do a couple other headlines for friday. several breaking developments on the one week anniversary of the massacre in norway that left 76 people dead. a memorial service held by the youth group targeted in the rampage, just wrapping up now.
5:33 am
moments ago, police announcing all of the victims have been identified and the missing all accounted for. also the confessed murderers, anders behring breivik, is being grilled by the police for a second time. >> clayton: starting next month, the tsa will be taking a page from israel. finally testing this new behavior detection system that airport checkpoints. there are already officers, 161 airports, who look for travelers who act suspiciously. but now tsa officers will interact with them more, having discussions, using interrogation methods that have had great success in israel as we've accounted here on the show. >> steve: you have some of that stuff in your medicine chest? well, tylenol now lowering -- tylenol lowering its dosage for extra strength tylenol. they said you could take eight. now they say don't take more than six. the company trying to reduce accidental overdoses and potential liver damage. the new instructions will be on tylenol labels this fall, but we
5:34 am
just told you from here on out. >> gretchen: he treaded water in like huron for 18 hours after the engine on his plane died. now that pilot speaking out. he describes the moment he was rescued after nearly a day in the water. >> i believe it was 10:30 and i took -- i had my sock and i waved my sock and this boat went by and by the grace of god, they slowed down. i about started crying when they slowed down. i was like, oh, my god, yes. thank you, thank you. >> gretchen: he swam toward shore and eventually spotted by a boat. he could be released from the hospital tomorrow. >> steve: let's take a look at what's going on in the "fox & friends" weather for this friday. batten down the hatches because tropical storm don is heading for texas. that big blob you can see is still off the texas coast. it looks like it's going to make landfall just around the brownsville area, maybe the center of the storm, such as it
5:35 am
is, just a little to the north of brownsville. officially they're suggesting that the bulk of the storm over the coast as you can see there, saturday, tonight, into tomorrow, about 2 a.m maximum winds currently at 65 miles per hour. but sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. the good news is that a lot of people down there need the rain and it will bring plenty of that. thankfully not hurricane strength winds. meanwhile, current temperatures coast to coast, a lot of 50s out west. good morning, folks, out in san francisco. 57 right now there. in the east coast, temperatures in the 80s. approaching the 90s. in fact, raleigh-durham, north carolina, later today that area will top out at about 100. same thing for dallas, even further north of that for phoenix, arizona. meanwhile, call him top dog. all morning we've been telling you the story of dozer the
5:36 am
golden doodle. the pup raised over $17,000 for cancer research after taking part in the maryland half marathon. >> gretchen: joining us now is -- is it dozer. >> gretchen: dozer. and the owner, great to see you. you got a great color on today. >> thank you. >> gretchen: help us understand this because your dog ran 13 miles in this marathon, but the little secret here is that the dog never entered the race. >> right. he actually ran away from home, kind of. he saw the 2,000 runners and he decided to join them. >> steve: do you have one of those invisible fences or virtual fence that usually keeps him in the yard? >> yes, we do. coincidentally, it had rained the night before, so the power went off, and so he was able to
5:37 am
get through. >> clayton: i'm looking at the video here and it looks like -- i was joking, but it looks like he had shoes on, but he's got muddy feet because you go outside to do your morning routine and take him for a little walk and he's gone and turns out he had already got his morning workout. he jogged 13 miles in this marathon. >> right. it was pretty amazing. >> gretchen: how did you find out that your lost dog is now famous for running a marathon? >> i had sent out an e-mail two or three minutes after not finding dozer and a neighbor had said they saw a white dog crossing the finish line and they want to check with the race people to see where he was. >> steve: so a lot of people took pictures of your dog crossing the line. who is that dog? the next thing you know, somebody has put a facebook page on and here is the good news. this is why we have you on today -- through all of the publicity your dog has gotten, they have raised $17,000 for cancer research.
5:38 am
right? >> right. we're really excited about that. it's a great cause. >> steve: amazing! >> gretchen: let's drink in dr. cullen, the director of the university of maryland's cancer center. dr. cullen, looks like you had an injury of your own. i hope you're okay. >> i'm okay, thanks. >> gretchen: okay. so obviously a dog never raised $17,000 for you before. >> that's true. this is completely unexpected and a wonderful turn of events. dozer as of this morning raised more than $20,000. $3,000 in the last day alone. so it's been a tremendous benefit for our cancer research program. >> clayton: let's get specific because we hear about people raising money for cancer research before, but this money is going to very specific research. what is it going to do? >> well, there are two areas that we're using the funds that dozer raised for. one is the issue of health dissparities. we treat a lot of patients, african-american patients and those patients historically do less well than their white
5:39 am
counterparts. so we're studying very advanced genetic and genomic analyses that help us determine what causes those differences and outcome and how can we improve them. the second area we're working on is in the area of what's called triple negative breast cancer. triple negative breast cancer is a very aggressive form of the disease and one of the researchers at our center invented a very important class of drugs and she has also developed a way where we can make those patients who have really aggressive triple negative disease sensitive to these important drugs. so we're funding a clinical trial now to test that in a way which we hope will help many, many women with breast cancer. >> steve: so the money is certainly well spent. dr. cullen, thank you very much. and roseann, i would imagine you are very proud of that dog now that we've learned he raised over $20,000 for cancer research. >> we are. we're really happy for the cancer research. >> steve: go out and buy him a box of milk bones, would you!
5:40 am
it's on us. >> thank you. >> gretchen: i have a feeling dozer may be running against next year. thank you all so much. have a great weekend. >> thank you very much. >> steve: next up on the rundown, he's been watching every major network. brent bozelle here to blow the lid off the main stream media's coverage in the debt ceiling debate. it's not close. >> clayton: then 3 doors down will play their latest hit. the "fox & friends" all american summer concert series continues. ♪ k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach
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5:44 am
>> steve: washington still has not decided on a debt deal, but who is to blame? well, if you watch the main stream media, it seems the answer is simple. those bad republicans. >> is there a problem for republicans that might emerge as just the party of no, the party that can't say yes to anything? do you see that as a political problem? >> i would just put it the other way. the first thing i pointed out was that twice congress has passed something, they've said yes to something, and gotten strongly criticized. did you know when the ryan budget was passed, the president, a lot of his folks came out and savaged it. >> steve: to talk about the main stream media's biased coverage is brent bozelle. good morning to you, sir. >> how are you doing? >> steve: okay. so the narrative over the last couple of weeks has been barak obama, the adult in the room, he's a compromiser. on the other side, those rotten
5:45 am
republicans. >> you know, steve, i'm watching that video clip of senator kyl and wondering when is a republican going to stand up to bob schieffer and on live national television and say, bob, you're lying. that isn't true. it's not that we have a difference of opinion. it's not that you're playing devil's advocate, it's that you're offering a something that's not true. so to say that the republicans are the party of no. the republicans are the only party that's offering a solutions. whether you like them or not, they're the only ones trying to resolve this! >> steve: absolutely. the republicans in the house passed cut, cap and balance. it's sitting on harry reid's desk. if he wants to do something, work on that. we've got a graphic. >> but steve, what has harry reid said? they said no! they said it's dead on arrival. >> steve: it's crazy. to show folks graphically the blame game, let's take a look. abc, nbc, cbs, the stories where
5:46 am
they blame republicans, that's the blue box. 56 of the stories. only 17 where they blame the democrats. >> look at that number and remember this, steve: the standard and poor, goldman sachs have said the only thing that will avert a downgrade of the economy, which is catastrophic, is if there are three $4 trillion in cuts. there is only one plan that does that, which is the republican's plan. now they're being blamed. >> steve: we've got another example where chuck todd over at nbc blames the gop. watch this. >> here is the question: does this work? what does it do for the people? the president talked about the americans who are hurting every day and hoping for a result to make their lives better? >> well, look, the problem is this issue with the house republicans. the leadership on the senate republicans in the house and the white house are pretty close to a deal, but what can they sell
5:47 am
that the tea party caucus and right now, they don't think they can sell anything that even remotely looks like a tax hike on anybody. >> steve: does this blame the republicans kind of remind you back in 1995 with contract for america? >> anything the republicans said, it was the end of the world was coming. it was the end of the world, the end of the world. and here they go again. this is just -- why aren't -- why aren't they asking the president of the united states, where is your plan? he continuously says he has one. why isn't there a story about the fact that the president of the united states is simply not telling the american people the truth? he doesn't have a plan! >> steve: all right. brent bozelle, we thank you very much. our guy at the white house, trying to get him to go on record and he wouldn't talk about the plan. brent, thank you very much, we'll see you next week. we go back live outside for a performance by 3 doors down shortly. first, let's check in with bill hemmer for what happens at the top of the hour.
5:48 am
>> nice look out there. we're 12 floors up from you, steve. good morning. republicans with a no vote last night is a yes vote this morning. he now predicts passage in the house. you'll hear directly from him. john mccain compared the tea party to hobbits, among other things. today a tea partier, sharron angle, responds directly. that's just the first ten minutes. juan williams, mike huckabee, everything that moves on the hill, and a special co-host appearance to be revealed in 11 minutes. we'll see new a moment here on "america's newsroom." iove all the gadgets. check outhe backup cam.
5:49 am
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5:51 am
>> steve: who is ready for some music? [ cheers and applause ]
5:52 am
>> steve: 3 doors down is here. >> clayton: their new album hit number one on itunes when it was launched. they're here to perform "every time you go." take it away! ♪ i savor every minute that you're here ♪ ♪ that you're here with me ♪ i still feel you ♪ across these miles away from home ♪ ♪ that i never get used to ♪ every time you go ♪ you take a part of me ♪ a part of me with you ♪ every time you go ♪ i feel it in my soul
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♪ i feel it in my soul ♪ every time you go ♪ you take a part of me ♪ a part of me with you ♪ every time you go ♪ i feel it in my soul ♪ every time you go ♪ before it used to be when you were in my arms ♪ ♪ every time you go ♪ you take a part of me ♪ a part of me with you ♪ oh, every time you go [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, my friends! >> gretchen: two minutes away, when we come back. >> steve: fantastic! [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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♪ >> steve: one of the biggest crowds for today's concert. nicky has a question for brad arnold. >> hi, how are you doing? i have a question in regards to the better life foundation. this will be my fifth year this year and what can you say that we have in store for this concert versus other concerts? >> it's great. we're not sure who is going to be with us this year, but i can't wait for the foundation. you've been down there a lot with us and we thank you for all of our fans for coming down there. every year the foundation just continues to grow and we've watched a lot of good stuff happen from it and we're just really excited about it. probably one of

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